Cloudeep Innovation


Established in 2012 Cloudeep Innovation is a startup proficient in data analysis and machine learning providing customized recommender system for enterprise customers.

Our Solution

Specialized in Chinese semantic analysis and distributed computing for big data Cloudeep Innovation provides consulting and solutions to explore individual interests and increase users’ retention and help enterprise customers to bring in more revenue.

Recommender System

Recommender System

Extrapolating users' preference by their browsing history our recommender system delivers content or item recommendation which even fit users’ need and transforms user logs to enterprise customers’ business opportunities.

Big Data Analysis

Big Data Analysis

Using Chinese word segmentation and correlation analysis Cloudeep provides big data analysis industry report or real-time monitoring system to help enterprise customers develop effective business strategy.

Website Building

Website Building

With well rounded website building service including frontend development database design and content management system Cloudeep customizes website to fulfill customer’s requests.

Our Partners


Taiwan Word of Mouth

Discovering daily top news in Taiwan ! With AI technique and realtime semantic analysis we provide serveral charts for users to keeping up with all trending topics.



The most complete chinese movie database. The actor / scenes staff based information records all the good time in film history.


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